Æ Rainwear – The concept of “playful” returns!


15 years ago BLÆST Rainwear was founded in Norway with a vision of lighting up grey rainy days, with colourful rainwear and unique design. During these years the various collections have evolved in different directions.


Along with those who have treasured the colourful garments to their hearts, we are now heading on an new exciting journey.  With Æ Rainwear we go back to the roots and build the collections on even more colours and patterns, based on its originality and the playful philosophy once established.


The unique design, the colourful playfulness and the patterns will be taken back to its origin -

with the brand Æ Rainwear.


All our functional pieces are produced according to OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Class II.   The jackets are versatile and comfortable to wear, and can be used anytime and anywhere with or without rain.


Let’s colour the world!